Python Type Checking in Large Applications

The Problem In my previous post, I outlined how Python makes development a lot faster. Unfortunately, Python’s lack of a static type checker can really hinder development in large applications. As a great example, I was working on some slightly older code just a few days ago.  This code had not been touched in probably […]

Using Automation to Keep Myself Consistent

My Blogging Schedule I make a point of posting every Tuesday and Thursday on this blog.  I’ve been consistently doing this for several months now. Weather conditions over this week have broken some habits.  In particular, I have not written these blog posts as early as I normally would have. This has led me to […]

The Benefits of a Flexible Software Architecture

What Is Flexible Code? I may have made up the term “flexible code”.  Oh well.  Flexible code to me means the architecture can be changed easily (and support multiple integrations easily). I once read in a software architecture book that the best architects don’t immediately answer software architecture questions.  They keep pushing them off to […]