A Software Engineer’s Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I have several readers that do not celebrate Thanksgiving, so I’ll provide a brief overview of the holiday.  At least in the United States, it’s a day where families generally get together to celebrate a meal of turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, and some other dishes.  We celebrate all the things we have for which to be thankful – food, family, well-being, etc.  More information on this holiday can be seen on Wikipedia.


I would like to devote a post on developerautomation to celebrate some of the things we as software developers have.

We Usually Have Enough Money


On average (at least in the United States), a software developer is not rich.  However, I know very few developers who are concerned about getting enough money for their next meal.  And if they are, it is usually a lack of good money management rather than not having enough income to support themselves and their family.

When I hear about college students that are struggling to make ends meet, I am reminded at how thankful I am to be in a good field that pays well with respect to other career paths.

We Have Autonomy in Our Jobs

We may be told what to do, but we generally have a good bit of creativity in how we accomplish the task.  Writing code is a creative process.  You know the end result you want (or at least hopefully you do… I guess that’s an issue sometimes 🙂 ).  Just knowing the end result does not mean you have a step-by-step process of getting there.  And that’s a good thing.  That means we get a lot of freedom in determining how something works.

I don’t know about you, but that leads to more job satisfaction for me.

We Have Many Job Opportunities

Job Opportunity

Especially now, but ever since I got about two years of experience under my belt, I have never had a problem with finding jobs.  Usually I’ll get a message message through LinkedIn about a job opportunity without me even searching.

I live in an area (Huntsville, AL) that has several job opportunities for software engineers.  There are several other places throughout the United State and different places across the world that have more than enough jobs for software engineers.

What this means for developers is that we should never have to worry about finding another job if you are good at what you do.  For me, it’s usually more about finding a fit that is good for me rather than finding a job.  Finding a job is easy; finding one that is a good fit for myself is more challenging (because I have the freedom to be selective).

I am quite thankful for the amount of opportunity I have in this field.

We Can Work on Very Interesting Things

Software can be found in so many different aspects of our lives.  Are you interested in medicine?  Genetics?  Finance?  Automobiles?  Agriculture?  With enough research, you can find some software position in every one of these fields.  That cannot be said about very many professions.

If we are willing to change where we live (or find remote positions!), we can more than likely work on software for something that is in a field that matches our interests.


These are a few of the things we are fortunate to have as software developers.  I hear in the news all the time about college students graduating without a job with massive amounts of debt.  I’ve never had to worry about this.  I’ve never had to worry about where my next meal will come from.  I’ve never had to worry about much of anything financially.

I want to take a few moments to be thankful for my family as well.  I don’t talk very much about my personal life here on developerautomation, but it is important to keep work and family life in balance.  At the end of the day, they are the ones I am working hard to provide for.  I love each of you and am very thankful that you are part of my life.

I am also thankful for each of you that take the time to read this blog.  I hope it provides insights and valuable takeaways you can use at your job or in your life to make things easier, more efficient, or just provide more job satisfaction.

Take some time to be thankful for those in your life that support you.  Take time to be thankful for where you are financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Take time to give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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