A Jenkins Christmas Poem

Twas the day after Christmas,
And all through the code,
Not a bug was reported,
In any version or load.

The developers astonished,
The managers quite happy,
At the quality of software,
Because nothing was crappy!

How did this happen?
How could it be?
Continuous integration
Makes everyone happy!

Jenkins runs builds,
And tests code after commits,
To ensure code quality
Doesn’t go down the pits.

A commit is made,
And soon after, an email,
Tells a developer,
That a test did fail.

How fortunate to catch,
The mistake minutes later,
Rather than making a client
A bug-catching, code hater!

For catching a mistake,
Right after a change,
Greatly reduces
A new feature’s time range.

And this is why,
All programmers should try
Investing in infrastructure,
You must start CI!

Investing in DevOps,
Takes time at the start,
But later you’ll realize,
That investment was smart.

For all through the software
Not a bug was found,
Jenkins CI makes code quality
Stick around!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Christmas Tree

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