If Santa Was a Software Developer

There are many software practices out there that are not followed.  Perhaps the developers are not aware of new best practices.  Or, more often, developers or managers say they don’t have time to implement these practices. Sometimes this is just laziness on the part of the manager or developer.  “It’s too risky!”  “I don’t want […]

Using Jenkins to Report Code Quality

Jenkins is a continuous integration server.  That means it provides several tools to significantly enhance code quality.  I have been both a Jenkins administrator and a Jenkins user.  I have also acted as both a manager and as an engineer using Jenkins.  Let’s look at how Jenkins improves code quality from both the management and […]

Jenkins Calling a REST API to Report Status

The Problem: Testing and Managing Lots of Hardware for Different Projects is Hard Today will be another day I present Jenkins as a solution to one of our problems where I currently work. We test hardware using different equipment APIs.  We use all these APIs through software through an internal home-grown tool.  This tool has […]

Living Documentation Using Jenkins and Selenium

Do you have problems with documentation going out of date?  I have written about what I call “living documentation” (documentation that auto-updates) a few times before.  See Never Let Your Documentation Go Out of Date and Living Documentation: The Examples Directory.  Let’s see what Selenium can do to both test our software and provide documentation. A […]