A Software Engineer’s Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I know I have several readers that do not celebrate Thanksgiving, so I’ll provide a brief overview of the holiday.  At least in the United States, it’s a day where families generally get together to celebrate a meal of turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, and some other dishes.  We celebrate all the things we […]

Python mock: Testing Lots of API Calls from main

In many of my Python packages, I create classes that wrap the main functionality of my package.  In main, it generally does nothing more than make a few API calls from these different classes.  Python’s mock library can help a lot in testing this.  I have separate test classes that test the other APIs.  In […]

Breaking Dependencies

Recently I got a comment asking the following question about dependencies: Could you explain how you “separate dependencies so they could be compiled independently”… [for]… faster compilation and execution? This is a great question.  Sometimes our code is architected in a way that has too many dependencies.  This makes the code very bloated.  Everything has […]

My Talk at hsvpy on Unit Testing, the Mock Library. and CI Workflow

I recently talked at the hsvpy (Huntsville Python) meetup in Huntsville, AL about unit testing and the mock library.  You can view my slides on Google Drive or (probably in the near future) on hsvpy’s GitHub page.  Huntsville Python is a meetup that talks about different Python libraries and concepts. I plan on expanding what I […]

Using Jenkinsfiles to Change Jenkins Jobs

In my previous post, we looked at the pain of changing 100 different Jenkins jobs manually when most of them need the exact same change.  In this post, we will look at the Jenkinsfile configuration as a way of preventing the maintenance nightmare of changing Jenkins jobs through the web GUI. What Is a Jenkinsfile? A […]