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Software development.  You plan, you code something up, you manually make sure it works, then you check it into source control.  All done, right?

Here at developer automation, we will look at different tools that use computers to make our job as a software developer maybe not easier, but more efficient.  Who wants to run a manual test every time code is changed?  Or worse, the change is ‘simple’, so it doesn’t need to be tested.  Don’t tell the customer that!

There’s a better way.  We can use containers or virtual machines to setup our environment the same way on different devices.  We can run automated tests every time we make the tiniest change to our code in a matter of seconds.  We can use automated systems to build our code and test it every time we commit a change to our codebase.

We’re talking automation.  A smarter way to work.  Most developers I know would rather write code than debug or test it.  So why not make that part of the process automatic?  That’s what Developer Automation is all about.  Using tools to make our lives as developers more efficient and more fun… and resulting in a higher-quality product.